Lets Talk About Sexual Health, Baby

Hello Lovelies!

Here at Luz de la Riva, we pride ourselves on creating products that promote health, and are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. There are wayyy too many products out there that are bad for you, and so we are happy that we are able to offer a healthy alternative.


However, a lot of people don’t know which chemicals to look out for. Here is a list of the big ones to watch out for:

Always check to see if the product you are purchasing contains parabens, glycerine, or phthalates. These chemicals are harmful to your sexual health.

-        Glycerin draws moisture from the lower layers of the skin and holds it on the surface, drying the skin from the inside out. It is found in a wide variety of cosmetics and sexual products. It appears to be moisturizing and hydrating, when in actuality, it is drying you out. It also creates an environment in your intimate areas that is more susceptible to yeast infections.

-       Parabens are used to prolong the shelf life of a wide variety of products. Studies have shown that parabens are found in cancerous cells and in breast tumors.

-       Phthalates are a group of chemicals used to make plastic softer and more flexible. These chemicals can be absorbed through the skin, have been shown to disrupt the functioning of male and female reproductive organs, and can lead to problems in fertility.


All of our products are safe and good for you, made with all-natural ingredients. As a company, we are always on the lookout, searching for other brands that promote sexual wellness, which was why we were so excited when we saw this:





We researched their Kegel Ball a bit, like the sleuths that we are, and discovered that it is free of harmful chemicals!

It is always so great to find products that are conscious of your sexual health, and when they are affordable as well, it is all the better!

Walgreens has a line of Kegel Balls in stores that are made with body safe, high quality, seamless silicone. When looking for vibrators, kegel-exercisers or anything along those lines, it is important to keep in mind that some of them are made with materials that do not promote health, and can in fact be very harmful to your sexual well being.

There are a lot of the cheaper toys/kegels on the market that are made with silicone and jelly substances that are bad for you. There are phthalates in them, and the quality of the material is far from adequate. If the material being used is porous, like jelly toys or ones made with low quality silicone, they can be hard to clean and bacteria can get trapped in the surface.

The fact that Walgreens has kept this in mind and has put an affordable product onto the market is great! We are in full support: it is important to have products out there that are good for you, and accessible to everyone!



In case you were wondering, kegel-exercisers are used to strengthen your pelvic muscles. The assumption is that women who have given birth and are trying to strengthen their pelvic floor and improve vaginal control are the only ones who use kegels, and are the only ones that need to.


That is not the case.


Kegels are also a great way to have better orgasms!


That’s right. Orgasms are great, maybe the greatest thing ever, and kegels can make them better. Anything that can do that is magical.

We wanted to put this out there so our customers can be more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies, whether it be in terms of vibrators, lubricants (KY, for example, is full of parabens and glycerin!) or lotions, because there are a lot of hidden health risks when buying some of those cheaper brands. Spending those extra few dollars really can make all the difference in the long run in terms of your sexual wellness.

So when we saw that Walgreens has affordable and safe kegels, we had to tell you! When there are safer, healthier options that don’t break your bank account, we want you to know about them!!

We love you all, and we just want you to be happy and healthy!

The Luz de la Riva Team Xx