What Does it Mean to be Everyday Sexy?

As a company, we at Luz de la Riva try to live “Everyday Sexy,” and try to teach our customers to do this as well. But what exactly do we mean when we say “Everyday Sexy?”

We mean that you can feel beautiful and sexy everyday, no matter what you are doing. Our products are designed specifically to be multifunctional, allowing women to use them for their intimate moments or to use everyday simply as part of their beauty routine. This makes it easy for you to feel confident and beautiful even on your worst days.

We want to empower women to own their bodies, their sexuality, and to feel good about themselves, no matter what. It can be something small, like putting on lotion or some perfume, but these small things are a reminder that you are beautiful and you are worth it.


We think being a woman is something to be celebrated, and to be embraced. It is easy to not feel sexy when you are too busy to treat yourself, and we wanted to create something beautiful that could rectify that. We wanted to make something that would help women feel confident in their day-to-day lives.

Our products help us exude confidence and feel good about ourselves. That is what we mean by “Everyday Sexy.”