A few ways we use Coconut Oil

Here at Luz de la Riva, we pride ourselves on ethically sourcing healthy ingredients, best noted for their holistic and sensual powers. Not only do we make products that are fun and sexy, but also have divine healing powers as well. We want to share a one of our main ingredients and why we love to use it: Coconut Oil


1. Hair Mask

Coconut Oil adds proteins lost by heat and chemical interaction (i.e. bleaching, coloring), making you hair stronger and softer. We recommend sleeping overnight with a coconut oil mask.

2. Body Oil

Coconut oil will do exactly what it does for your hair to your skin, making your skin feel softer and sexy to the touch.

3. Acne Treatment

Yup, that right! Coconut Oil can be a great resource for stubborn pimples and blemishes. Coconut Oil has anti bacterial properties and actually help heal blemishes while reducing redness and flakiness.

4. Primer

Coconut oil also acts as a wonderful primer for foundations and powders. We like to wash out face, followed by gently massaging coconut oil, the wiping away access oil with a cotton ball. Then we let the oil absorb into our skin, and voila! Skin is ready and radiant.

5. Lip Balm

With those dry winter months at our heals, try treating pesky chapped lips with coconut oil. Alternatively, add sugar to create a lip scrub to prep your lips for daring makeup.

6. Makeup Remover

Have a lipstick that you just can’t remove? Well try coconut oil!