About Us

Owned by women, run by women, Luz De La Riva focuses on crafting products that balance one’s sexuality and sensuality. Inspired by natural aphrodisiacs and appealing scents, we set out to create products that are not only multifunctional, but that also flatter one’s erotic tendencies. Aroma, taste and touch are areas we are very passionate about. These qualities resonate greatly with every product we offer.

Luz de la Riva’s fragrances are chosen carefully, based upon the aphrodisiac properties of the aroma.

 The multifunctional cuffs and masks are all handcrafted with care, with a keen consideration to detail. The result is luxurious to the touch and absolutely divine.

Luz de la Riva introduces products that radiate sensuality with a fresh youthful feeling that is unparalleled. We offer a wide variety of products, allowing one to experiment with sexuality while letting one’s personal passions and interests shine through. 

All of the intimate cosmetics are safe for the skin, clinically tested and do not contain harsh chemicals, (parabens, phthalates, talc, or GMO’s, etc.) to enhance the overall experience.

All of our intimate cosmetics, accessories and packaging are created in the USA in a socially responsible manner.