"Look Better Naked."

"Luz’s line of Couture Intimate Cosmetics makes its Canadian storefront debut right here at the massive retailer because, well, Canadians are just a tad more open-minded and progressive (read: we don’t need to online shop for a little bedroom fun).

"The core of the Luz de la Riva brand is that we believe women should not tiptoe around the delicate topic of sex"

"Each product is inspired by natural aphrodisiacs and appealing scents to encourage women to indulge in the luxury of passion and to be sexy, every day."

"Scents and Sensibility -The Smartest Ways to Wear the Flavors of Fall."

"Intimate Cosmetics are products that work to balance your sexuality and sensuality."

"Luz de la Riva’s Swarovski crystal embellished blindfold for playtime..."

"It was one small step for the FDA and one giant leap in the fight for women’s sexual health advancement! "

"This decadent lotion is mostly meant for romance, but it’s really a fantastic calming moisturizer for sexy and non-sexy occasions alike."

"Girl power is truly the idea behind the brand Luz de la Riva."

"Luz de la Riva’s Intimate Cosmetics are not only meant to be used during intimate moments, but can be used every day to feel “Everyday Sexy."

"Perservance, Strength and Loving yourself are attributes that designer Luz de la Riva finds sexy..."